La perturbación de Oort al descubierto: NEA Los objetos de Oort y su danza.

La perturbación de Sagitario no es broma.

Leonard Elenin descubridor del cometa Elenin y que ha comentado en otro blog que ira poniendo datos de Elenin en este blog: ¿lo que viene detras de Elenin sera un problema para la tierra pues cruzara por su trayectoria despues de que pase?

El mismo Leonard Elenin, se lo toma muy en serio.

This only very recently became known. Lance Benner answered my letter having to do with the detection of NEOs with the help of the 70 meter Goldstone radio telescope.

Y no es para menos, en este billar cósmico muchas cosas están cambiando.

En palabras de Ellen Howell,

Such work has been done at Arecibo and in 30-50% of the cases it has been successful. An application for four nights of observing time in the period from September 27 to November 10, 2011 has already been sent to the committee that apportions observing time. I hope these observations will all take place and that they will be successful!

Y bien, ¿Pero qué nos espera?

Thus, March 31, Comet Elenin passes 1,366,500 km (0.009 AU) from asteroid 2001 SC155. On the same day, nearby, at a distance of 1,255,000 km (0.084 AU) and 1,365,500 km (0.009 AU) it encounters another two asteroids – 2005 NF30 and 2007 FR10 respectively. The closest approach will be April 2 – the comet and asteroid 2001 WA49will pass by each other at only 335,500 km, which works out to 0.87 LD (the average distance from the Earth to the moon)! Unfortunately, it will only be possible to see the close passage in images taken by the largest telescopes. The brightness of asteroid 2001 WA49 will be 21m.

Así que tendremos que monitorizarlo de cerca.

La Perturbación completa desde  (April 2011 – April 2021).
Red – Atens family, Yellow – Apollo family and Green – Amors family. Summary more than 7800 asteroids.

StarViewerTeam International 2011.

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