Album EnXto: Música de osciladores Armónicos.

Presentamos una maravilla gentileza de los nuevos desarrollos en música del nuevo paradigma. El album se denomina EnXto, y en el pueden apreciarse las secuencias de osciladores armónicos.La obra excelente ha sido realizada por uno de nuestros lectores.


Un regalo de En Cristo/ ENXTO para StarViewerTeam International 2011.

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  1. Enchanting music! I guess the vibrations are exactly harmonized to be combined with our Mind/Soul one’s.
    Usually we do use Lama’s songs (for ex. Dadawa or Michel Pépé) for our daily meditation, but we’ll give a try to use the “Portal de Luz” (muy suave) or «Lazos»…
    Thank you so much for this precious suggestion I really appreciate it! By the way, we are sure that music could be one of the way to get true pain and anguish… music is therapy! Along the years all my family members listen almost only to classical music or new age music –sometimes combined with songs of Nature. This works miracles upon every status of mind… help us with taking decision and focusing positivity in our thoughts (law of Attraction).
    🙂 serenity

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