Bibliografía Exocientífica Recomendada (2010-2011). Parte II (Fry-Silva) y III (Sitchin-Zück).

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From the back cover: «FLYING SAUCERSOn night in 1965, near the town of Exeter, N.H., a man named Norman Muscarello was outside in an open field when something came out of the sky directly toward him. Bigger than a house, it was 80 to 90 feet in diameter, with brillant, pulsating red lights around an apparent rim. It wobbled, yawed and floated toward him…

And so began the first recent rash of UFO sightings, which started in Exeter and culminated in the now famous Michigan sightings that attracted a worldwide press….»

John Grant Fuller, 1913- was also the author of The day we bombed Utah : America’s most lethal secret New York : New American Library, c1984. 268 p. ; 23 cm. ISBN 0453004571 : Notes: Includes index.
Nuclear weapons–Testing–Health aspects–West (U.S.)
Radioactive fallout–Utah.
Ionizing radiation–Toxicology.
LC Classification: U264 .F84 1984

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«In the brilliant Autumn night in New Hampshire the stars illuminate the mountain tops. Barney and Betty Hill, returning home from a vacation, make a roadside stop to allow their dog to walk – and to take a closer look at a bright light in the sky that Barney takes to be a satellite gone astray. Betty noticing that the object is indeed moving, hands the dog’s leash to Barney and gets binoculars from the car.
Betty put the binoculars to her eyes and focused carefully. What they both were about to see was to change their lives forever, as as some observers claim, change the course of history of the world.»
– from the back cover

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There is a review of this book in The Ottawa Citizen Newspaper. ISSN: 08393222 Ottawa, Ont.: Aug 4, 1990. at page B.12 by Robert McMillan. Newspaper section is Weekend Observer.
Canadian readers might be interested in page 467 (Appendix) which has a reproduction of a 1973 letter from the Department of National Defence (L.A. Bourgeois, Brigadier General, Director General Information) which states that:

      «…Prior to 1968, all sightings of UFOs reported to the Canadian Forces Headquarters were investigated by the Director of Operations. It has not been the practice to allow the general public to study these files…

Since the beginning of 1968 UFO reports received by the Canadian Forces are passed to the National Research Council…»

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Good, Timothy
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«There exists within the United States and Canada – principally between the longitude 76° west and 92 ° west and between latitudes 41° north and 49° north – a region in which several pecular events have been recorded. The concentration of such events is far greater than any random statistical dispersion would place between these narrow boundaries.
The region as a whole is sparsely populated, but there are areas of dense population within it.
The principle geographic features of this region are the five freshwater lakes.»
– from the Introduction, at page 7.

Chapter 16 is «The Bodies» (pages 167 to 171), as in some UFO material there are doubles. But these doubles wash up ashore!

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CE-5 : Close encounters of the Fifth kind : 242 case files exposing Alien contact. Naperville, Il.: Sourcebooks, 2000[?]. Price is $24.95 USD. Book is about UFO/pilot encounters. There is an interview with the author, in UFO magazine Volume 19 No. 1 at pages 58 to 63.
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UFO : Besucher aus dem Weltall Paperback, 384 Seiten. durchgehend farbig illustriert Best.-Nr. 7314. Kopp-Verlag Preis: 05,95 EUR
Michael Hesemann, Herausgeber und Eigentümer eines der weltgrößten Archive für UFO-Fotografie und paranormale Erscheinungen, hat in diesem Buch die 350 besten Abbildungen aus aller Welt von UFOs und Außerirdischen zusammengestellt. Exzellentes Fotomaterial…
Hesemann, Michael
UFOs: Neue Beweise Aus den Geheimarchiven der Gro߭ächte. 60 Schlüsseldokumente aus den Archiven. Art.-Nr.: 5220 Preis: ? 19.43. Listed in Kopp Verlag
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UFO contact at Pacagoula by Charles Hickson and William Mendez. Limited 1st edition. Tucson : W. C. Stevens, c1983. 274 p. : ill., ports. ; 24 cm. ISBN: 0960855866
The National Library of Canada has a copy (Amicus no. 8708965), as does (as of Oct. 2003) Bibliothéque, Centrale, Ville de Montréal.
Hill, Paul R.
Unconventional flying objects : a scientific analysis Hampton Roads Publishing Company : Charlottesville, VA, ©1995 by Julie M. Hill. ISBN 1571740279. Short review.

      «Paul Hill was a respected NASA scientist when, in the early 1950s, he had a UFO sighting. Soon after he built the first flying platform and was able to duplicate the UFO’s tilt-to-control maneuvers. Official policy, however, prevented him from proclaiming his findings. «I was destined,» says Hill, «to remain as unidentified as the flying objects.

For the next twenty-five years, Hill acted as an unofficial clearing house for NASA, collecting and analyzing sightings’ reports for physical properties, propulsion possibilities, dynamics, etc. To refute claims that UFOs defy the laws of physics, he had to make «technological sense… of the unconventional object.»

After his retirement from NASA, Hill finally completed his remarkable analysis. In Unconventional Flying Objects published posthumously, he presents his findings that UFOs «obey, not defy, the laws of physics.» Vindicating his own sighting and thousands of others, he proves that UFO technology is not only explainable, but attainable»
– from the backcover.

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Howell, Georgina
«One glance at the shining metallic object in the sky changed this writer’s life forever» in the Sunday Times (United Kingdom) on 9 August 1998 in the features section of the newspaper. I don’t have the page number. The writer saw a metal angle in the sky and was zapped? The entire article prints out at about 5 pages.

About four seconds after first noticing the metallic object, I decided to point it out to the air hostess... At that point I felt myself falling forward, and the right side of my face collided violently with the Tarmac. It has happened so quickly that my hands were still by my sides..."

Huyghe, Patrick
«Martian mystery : is the red planet host to a third lunar body or UFOs? Omni Vol. 15, No. 7, May 1993, Page 79. ISSN 0149-8711. Soviet probe photographed an odd shaped object between itself and Mars. Warning: Omni magazine puts phosphors in the UFO pages, so they are difficult to xerox.
Huyghe, Patrick
«The great high-rise abduction; whatever spin you put on it, it’s definitely the case of the century. (unidentified flying object’s abduction of a woman from a twelfth-story apartment). Omni, April 1994 volume 16 numbeer 7 at page 60 (9 pages). «It was cold and clear, about 3:00 a.m., when the car stalled near the South Street seaport in Manhattan. Glimpsing up, the passengers–a major political figure, who will remain unnamed, and two government agents–spied a glowing oval objects hovering over a building a couple of blocks away…»
Hynek, Josef Allen
The edge of reality by J. Allen Hynek and Jacques Vallée. ISBN 0809282097 or 0809281503 (pbk). Call No. is TL 789 .H89 1975. «Appendix A : A Sighting in Saskatchewan» is at pages 265 to 279.
One of the few Saskatchewan cases reported. Probably because of the newspaper article ‘Saucers’ sighted, no hoax – RCMP in the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix newspaper of Tuesday, September 10th, 1974. Which can be viewed at:
For the Saskatchewan case what this book will not tell you, is that 15 years later the UFO returned. See. (The Star Phoenix Thursday October 26, 1989 at page A3.)
Hynek, Josef Allen
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Night siege: the Hudson Valley UFO sightings New York: Ballantine Books, 1987. ISBN 0345370864
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Contact of the 5th kind : the silent invasion has begun – what the [U.S.] government has covered up. St. Paul, MN: Llewellyn Publications, [year of publication unknown]. 256 p. ; 5 3/16 in. x 8 in. ISBN 1567183611. BF 2050 .I44 1997. This book is not as professional as it should have been and there is no index.
Ufo contact : igap journal : newsletter Nr. Nebel : International Get Acquainted Program, [1966]-1990. [Oktober 1966]-no. 2, 1990. 21 cm
Jacobs, David Michael
Secret life : firsthand accounts of UFO abductions New York : Simon & Schuster, 1992. Foreward by John E. Mack. 336 pages. Includes bibliography and index. ISBN = 0671748572 or 0671797204. Library of Congress call no. TL 789.3 .J33 1992. The German translation is, Geheimes Leben. This book mentions that strange sounds were heard over the telephone.

   «… In Secret Life, Professor David M. Jacobs of Temple University takes us into the private world of the abductees and uncovers the full drama of what it is like to be abducted… Professor Jacob’s work is grounded in his interviews and sessions with 60 individuals under hypnosis who claim to have been abducted by aliens, and it includes material from over 300 accounts. He presents the most complete and accurate portrait of this profoundly important subject, and challenges us to consider the occurence of alien abductions with the same attention and objectivity we give to any legitmate scientific endeavor…»
– from the dust jacket

Jacobs, David Michael
The threat : revealing the secret alien agenda. New York: Fireside (Simon & Schuster), 1998. ISBN 0684814846 or 0684848139 (pbk). 287 pages. Indexed. BF 2050 .J33 1998
Jacobs, David Michael
The UFO controversy in America. Foreward by J. Allen Hynek. Copyright 1975 by Indiana University Press. Hardcover edition was also published in Canada by Fitzhenry and Whiteside Limited, Don Mills, Ontario. The cover is from the paperback edition which is a Signet Book, New American Library, printed in 1976. This book contains a large selected bibliography and is indexed.
Jacobs, David Michael (editor)
UFOs and abductions : challenging the borders of knowledge / edited by David M. Jacobs. Lawrence, Kan. : University Press of Kansas, c2000. ISBN 0700610324 (pbk. : alk paper). Library of Congress call no. BF2050 .U46 2000. The University of Saskatchewan Library has a copy.

«Advocating credibility for this much-maligned field of research, historian David Jacobs and his coauthors highlight some of the key events, issues, themes, and theories surrounding this elusive, complex, and compelling subject.» «Whether interplanetary tourists, interlopers from a parallel universe, or mere misfirings in the brain, UFOs and «aliens» permeate popular culture. They’ve made the covers of Time, Life and the New York Times Book Review; garnered CNN coverage; turned up on Larry King Live and other high-profile talk shows; attracted large audiences for films and television series; and swamped the Internet with thousands of websites and discussion groups.» «This volume provides a kind of primer for scholars, skeptics, and others uneasy about investigating this field. Its authors examine the nature of UFO «evidence»; discuss the methodological debates; incorporate research from science, history, mythology, and psychology; and highlight the reactions of the government and military from the Cold War to the present. It also brings together for the first time in one book three bestselling authors – Jacobs, Budd Hopkins, and Pulitzer Prize winner John Mack – widely known for their writings on the highly controversial «alien abduction» phenomenon.»
– from the dust jacket

Jasek, Martin
«Abduction on the North Canol Road» print version is in Vol. 9, No. 2, Spring 2004 of UFOBC Quarterly at pages 1 to 7.
Jasek, Martin
Giant UFO in the Yukon. The cost of the book is $12.00 CAD or $8.00 USD. Highly recommended. Investigated by Martin Jasek, M.Sc., P.Eng. June 2000

Quoted from the front cover: «On December 11, 1996, at least 31 people in the Yukon Territory of Canada witnessed a giant UFO. Indications are that it may have been the size of several football stadiums. The sightings principally took place in four locations in the central Yukon; Fox Lake, the Village of Carmacks, the Village of Pelly Crossing, and the Village of Mayo with 6, 9, 8 and 8 witnesses respectively.»See also: «Encounter in the Yukon : Martin Jasek is a UFO researcher and Yukon representative for UFO*BC (British Columbia) in Canada» UFO Magazine July/Aug. 2000 ISSN 0966-1107 at page 75. See web page:

Jasek, Martin
«Gaint UFO encounter over the Gold Fields near Dawson City, Yukon witnessed by identical twins» UFO*BC Quarterly Vol. 7, No. 2, Spring 2002 at pages 2 to 10.
Jasek, Martin
«It was like a City back there» : A large number of lights seen in a remote Yukon valley. Village of Pelly Crossing. August 22, 2000. UFO*BC Quarterly Vol. 6, No. 2, Spring 2001 at page 18 and 19.
Jasek, Martin
«UFO photographed at MacMillan Pass. Horses go ballistic near NWT/Yukon border» UFO*BC Quarterly Vol. 7, No. 1, Winter 2002 at pages 4 to 7.
Jay, David (Editor)
The Flying Saucer Reader Toronto : Signet, 1967. Series: T3278.
Jean, Thomas
Synth賥 OVNI by Thomas Jean. St-Z鮯n [Qu颥c] : L. Courteau, 1999. 320 p. : ill. ; 22 cm. ISBN: 289239211X. National Library of Canada has a copy.
Jenkins, John M., 1937-
Of no defence significance? Edinburgh: Stevenson College, [2000?]. 52 p. : ill., map, ports. ; 21 cm. 2nd ed. Cover title: «A factual appraisal on the Scottish UFO enigma». Copy in the National Library of Scotland
Jessup, Morris K.
The Expanding Case for the UFO. New York, N.Y. : Citadel Press, 1957.
Jordan, Debbie
Abducted! : the story of the intruders continues by Debbie Jordan and Kathy Mitchell. 1st Edition Carrol & Graf. 268 pages. ISBN 07867011293. It also came out in a paperback edition, but I don’t have the ISBN for that. Call no. TL 789-3 .J67 1994.
Johnstone, A. K. (Annamarie K.)
UFO defense tactics : weather shield to chemtrails Surrey, B.C. : Hancock House, c2002. 151 p. : ill., maps ; 22 cm. Includes bibliographical references (p. 141-144) and index. Canadiana: 20029101476 ISBN 0888395019. Price: $17.95 Library of Congress classification: TL 789 .J63 2002
National Library of Canada has a copy. UFOs in the Bangor, Washington area.

   In UFO Defense Tactics, A.K. Johnstone, Ph.D., explores the details of numerous sightings from a scientific viewpoint, including descriptions of craft, luminous sheaths and fireballs.

So what, if anything, is the United States government doing about it? Johnstone suggests that military and government agencies have the ability to manipulate weather electro-magnetically and with chemtrails to deter unconventional craft. This hypothesis also explains erratic changes in the weather in the last few years. Is the government creating a weather «shield» to deter UFOs from entering the earth’s atmosphere? Take a look at the evidence.

– from the back cover.

Jung, C. G. (Carl Gustav), 1875-1961.
Flying Saucers New York: The New American Library, A Signet Book, 1959.
Jung, C. G. (Carl Gustav), 1875-1961.
Flying saucers : a modern myth of things seen in the skies by C. G. Jung ; translated by R. F. C. Hull. [Moderner Mythus. English] Princeton : Princeton University Press, c1978. viii, 138 p., [4] leaves of plates : ill. ; 22 cm. ISBN: 0691018227 : Translation of Ein moderner Mythus. «From the collected works of C. G. Jung, volumes 10 and 18.» Includes bibliographical references. Series: Bollingen series. Princeton/Bollingen paperback Library of Congress call no. TL789 .J813 1978 Dewey Class No.: 001.9/42
Kannenberg, Ida
UFOs & the Psychic Factor : How to understand encounters with UFOs & ETs. Crissey, Brian, editor. Wilkinson, Julie, illustrator. Introduction by Leo R. Sprinkle. (UFO Chronicles series) 262 p. published 06/1992 ISBN 0926524135 Wild Flower Press – Blue Water Publishing.
Keel, John A., 1930-
The complete guide to mysterious beings a revised edition of Strange creatures from time and space 1970. New York : A Main Street Book published by Doubleday, © 1970, 1994. Indexed. ISBN 0385470940 Library of Congress call no. QL 89 .K43 1994.
Keel, John A., 1930-
Our haunted planet Greenwich, Conn. : Fawcett, 1971. 222 p. ; 18 cm. Chapter 15 is on disappearances. «Where is everyone going?» pages 197 to 213. «STRANGE things happen on the twenty-fourth of the month. People vanish» p. 197
Keel, John A., 1930-
The Mothman prophecies Avondale Estates, GA. : IllumiNet Press, c1991. 275 p. ; 22 cm. ISBN: 0962653438 Originally published: New York : Saturday Review Press, 1975. Includes bibliographical references. LC Classification: TL789 .K37 1991. Includes a lot of material on telephone problems. And organizations pretending over the phone that they are Keel.
Keel, John A., 1930-
Why UFOs : Operation Trojan Horse. New York, Manor Books, Inc., 1970. Library of Congress Card no. 75-105593. Published in arrangment with G.P. Putnam’s Sons. 0532191838.

«…The real UFO story must encompass all of the many manifestations being observed. It is a story of ghosts and phantoms and strange mental abberations; of an invisible world which surrounds us and occasionally engulfs us; of prophets and prophecies, of gods and demons. It is a world full of illusion and hallucination where the unreal seems very real and where reality itself is distorted by strange forces which can seemingly manipulate space and time and physical matter – forces which are almost entirely beyong our powers of comprehension!»
– from the back cover.

Keyhoe, Donald E. (Donald Edward), 1897-1988
Aliens from space; the real story of unidentified flying objects. Garden City N.Y.: Doubleday, 1973. 1st ed. xii, 322 pages. The Kinross case is mentioned on page 166.
Keyhoe, Donald E. (Donald Edward), 1897-1988
Flying Saucers are Real. Fawcett : New York, 1950. 175 p. 19 cm. Series: Gold Medal Book, 107
University of Nebraska Library has a copy.
Keyhoe, Donald
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Ledger, Don, 1945-Maritime UFO files. Halifax, Nova Scotia : Nimbus publishers, 1998. xiv, 162 p. : illustrated ; 23 cm. ISBN is 1551092697

  The subtitle on the cover of this book states: «personal accounts taken from actual military and RCMP documents». This is a very professional and nicely illustrated book. Highly recommended. There is a book review of this book in Atlantic Books Today, winter 1998 vol no 23 p10

Ledger, Donald
Dark Object : the world’s only government documented Ufo crash by Don Ledger, Chris Styles. New York: Dell Publishing, c2001. Introduction by Whitley Strieber. ISBN 0440236479. $6.99 USD; $9.99 CAD

Dark Object reports on the 7 October 1967 incident in Shag Habour. Which was reported in The Chronicle Herald (Vol. 19, No. 239) which had a front page that read, COULD BE SOMETHING CONCRETE IN SHAG HARBOR UFO – RCAF Continue Search Today by Ray MacLeod staff Writer.Maclean’s, magazine. December 30 2002, vol. 115, no. 52, p 84. «UFOs: looking for little green men in Shag Harbour» by Becky Harris.

«Shag Harbour UFO `sighting’ unexplained after 33 years» by Alison Auld. Star – Phoenix newpaper of Saskatoon, Sask.: Aug 11, 2001. page E8 Weekend Extra section. ISSN/ISBN: 08324174

From the back book cover: «In 1965 a massive wave of UFO sightings occurs world wide. In 1967 residents of Shag Habor, Canada, witness a huge UFO crash into the bay. Three Royal Canadian Mounties watch it float before sinking. Navy divers mount an extensive search. Now officials say nothing ever happened. Why?

Researchers Don Ledger and Chris Styles – Styles himself a eyewitness to the Shag Habor crash – have tackled one of the best documented and most top secret incidents in the annuals of UFO sightings. What they have found out will astond – and outrage – readers. From mysterious surveillance twenty-five years after the crash to the sudden disappearance of written records, someone wanted the investigation stopped. But Ledger and Styles now file their stunning report – and reach a chilling conclusion about Dark Object, what really happened, and what remains hidden today…»

Leir, Roger K., 1935-
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Leir, Roger K.
UFO Crash in Brazil Book Tree 152 p. 2005 ISBN: 1585091057
«On a worldwide scale the country of Brazil is arguably the hottest UFO spot on the planet. News of their UFO sightings and related events seldom gets out to the rest of the world, but this story was just to big to stop. Even the reputable Wall Street Journal reported it on July 12, 1996. After this, in America, the story disappeared…» – from the backcover.
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Dreamland : travels inside the secret world of Roswell and Area 51
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Lorenzen, Carol E.
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Maccabee, Bruce
UFO FBI connection : the secret history of the government’s cover up. St. Paul, Minnesota: Llewellyn Publications, 2000. ISBN 1567184936

In chapter 17 of this book, Dr. Bruce Maccabee has interesting public published sources for the US alert of 6th of December 1950. One of the quotes is from Dean Acheson:

«Our early warning radar system in Canada had picked up formations of unidentified objects, presumably aircraft, headed southeast on a course that could bring them over Washington in two or three hours. All interception forces were alerted»

Acheson, Dean, 1893-1971
Present at the creation : my years in the State Department New York : Norton, 1969. [1st ed.] xiv, 798 p. : ill. ; 25 cm. The page of this quote is 479.
United States — Foreign relations — 1933-1945
United States — Foreign relations — 1945-1953
Includes bibliographical references.

President Truman wrote of this day «…radar screens of some air defense installations in the far north were reporting large formations of unidentified planes approaching. Fighter planes were sent up to reconnoiter and alerts were flashed to air centers in New England and beyond.»

Memoirs of Harry S. Truman : years of trial and hope, 1946 – 1952, Volume 2. Garden City, N.Y., Doubleday, 1955-56 at page 405.

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The mysterious valley New York : St. Martin’s Paperbacks, c1996. DESCRIPTION: 300 p. Includes bibliographical references. ISBN: 0312958838 or 0312958838 (pbk). The National Library of Canada has a copy.


Like other residents of the strange communities of Crestone and the Baca, Christopher O’Brien was drawn to the sacred valley of Native American myth. He was soon compelled to document, in disturbing detail, the inexplicable events unfolding around him and the questioned they raised;

  • What is the truth behind the nightly light show of UFOs pulsing and glowing across the sky?
  • What are the strange rumbling noises coming from underground?
  • What is the origin of the mysterious crystal skull found in the Baca?
  • And the most frightening of all, who is responsible for the scores of cattle left bloodless and mutilated in inhuman fashion?

Including fascinating and sometimes frightening firsthand accounts by residents of the area, The Mysterious Valley reveals the story of one of the most bizarre regions on the face of the earth and its chilling implications for the rest of humanity.»
– from the paperback back cover

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Delphos: a close encounter of the second kind. UFO Research Coalition. ISBN 1928957013. There is a review of Delphos: a close encounter of the second kind in UFO magazine issn 0966-1107 volume 26, number 1 at page 76.

Delphos can be purchased in the USA for $20.00 (including postage and handling). Foreign orders add $4.00 surface. Send orders to:

2457 West Peterson Ave.
Chicago IL 60659

Pinkney, John.
Alien honeycomb : the first solid evidence of UFOs by John Pinkney and Leonard Ryzman ; colour photographs, Justin Oakley. Sydney : Pan Books, 1980. 167 p., [8] p. of plates : ill. (some col.) ; 18 cm. ISBN 0330270036 (pbk.). Includes bibliographical references. Library of Congress call no. TL789 .P446 1980
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Der UFO-Beauftragte des britischen Verteidigungsministerium packt aus
Mit einem Vorwort von Timothy Good
Aus dem Englischen von Annemarie Pumpernig
M? : Knaur, 1998.
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Meine UFO-Begegnungen Art.-Nr.: 4330. Preis: 8.64 Euro 270 Seiten, Taschenbuch, Abbildungen und Fotos, 1997. Kopp Verlag

«Spätestens seit der spektakulären UFO-Landung von Woronesch im Oktober 1989 ist sich die Weltöffentlichkeit der Tatsache bewußt geworden, daß unbekannte Flugobjekte auch in der Sowjetunion gesichtet werden. Dieses Buch ist nie banal, nie unwissenschaftlich, nie dogmatisch oder simplifiziert, das im Gegenteil unterschiedliche Theorien und Hypothesen diskutiert und anerkannte Experten zu Wort kommen läßt. Es ist der Versuch, dieses ebenso umstrittene wie spektakuläre Thema auf eine ernsthafte wissenschaftliche Grundlage zu stellen.»

Price, Robert
UFOs over Hampshire and the Isle of Wight Southampton, Ensign Publications, 1990, 143 pages
Project Blue Book Archives
Supporting serious UFO research.
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Randle, Kevin D., 1949-
Invasion Washington : UFOs over the capital by Kevin D. Randle Ph.D., Captain, U.S.A.F.R. New York : HarperTorch, 2001. ISBN 0380814706.
«On two consective Saturdays in July 1952, the nation’s capital [Washington, DC] was the site of two of the twentieth century’s most remarkable occurrences. Radar picked up what is believed to have been eight alien aircraft racing across the night sky – traveling at speeds and maneuvering in ways impossible for the era…»
– from the back cover.
Randle, Kevin D., 1949-
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The UFO casebook New York : Warner Books, 1989. 256 p. ISBN 0446357154. The Kinross Disappearance (November 23, 1953) is at pages 77 to 81.
Randles, Jenny
Abduction: over 200 documented UFO kidnappings. London : Robert Hall Limited, 1988 ISBN 0709032765
Alien contact : the first fifty years New York: Sterling Publishing Co. Inc., 1997. Orginally published by Collins & Brown Limited. Sterling ISBN is 0806904763. 144 pages, indexed. «… real life claims of alien encounters, scientific research and development, and science-fiction movies and literature.» – from the back cover
Randles, Jenny
From out of the blue : the incredible UFO cover-up at Bentwaters NATO Air Base New Brunswick, NJ: Global Communications, 1991. 192 p. : ill. ; 23 cm. «The UFO case that shocked millions on TV’s Unsolved Mysteries» – Cover. ISBN: 0938294083. The National Library of Canada has a copy.

«After a decade of government denial and censorship, the facts are revealed… Over a period of a week between Christmas and New Year’s, 1980, a series of mysterious events changed the lives of police and civilians near Rendlesham Forest, England. An unidentified craft was sighted, a number of aliens seen standing beneath a beam of light. The U.S. and U.K. NATO forces were involved. A commanding officer of the U.S. Forces communicated with the beings, photos and films were made, high radiation levels were obtained, trees were damamged, and the lives of many people were shattered.
This incredible case includes hits of Top Secret «Star Wars» projects, mind control, harassment of witnesses, the silencing of a U.S. Senator and a variety of paranormal events which are unparalleled in the growing evidence for the existence of UFOs.»
– from the back cover.

Randles, Jenny
The Pennine UFO Mystery London : Granada, 1983. UFOs in the area of Pennine hills, United Kingdom.
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Randles, Jenny
[Something in the air]
UFO! : danger in the sky New York : Sterling Publishing Co. 192 p. Inc. Originally published as Something in the air Great Britain : Robert Hale, Ltd. c. 1996. Includes index. ISBN 0806987138
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«Inside the military UFO underground; three insiders describe a military underground awash in UFOs.» Omni, April 1994 volume 16 number7 at page 48 (9 pages)
Redfern, Nicholas
A covert agenda: the British Government’s UFO top secrets exposed. Cover title adds, «Introduction by Nick Pope». Simon & Schuster: London, 1997. ISBN 0671005324.

«For half a century, a conspiracy of silence has existed at the highest levels of the British Government to prevent the general public from learning the shocking facts which lie behind one of the most emotive issues of our time – unidentified flying objects. Now that silence has been broken.

Nicholas Redfern has been granted unprecedented access to thousands of previously classified Ministry of Defence and Royal Air Force files on UFOs and permission to make public hitherto top secret data. He has been allowed to interview qualified RAF pilots who have pursued UFOs flying over the British Isles, military personnel who have seen UFOs at close quarters and Ministry of Defence civil servants officially appointed to investigate UFO encounters.

A Covert Agenda demonstrates that the emerging picture is a highly disturbing one. Rationally – controlled machines from beyond Earth are routinely penetrating Britain’s airspace, and our military infrasture has little or no control over the violation. What is it that the British Government was so careful to keep secret for fifty years? And why now is it willing to speak out?»
– from the back cover paperback edition.

Redfern, Nicholas
«Aliens, bio-terror and the Masonic «Dr. X»» Fate May 2005 at pages 56 to 61. Re: a physician who had an encounter while vacationing in Ft. Francis ON Canada in 1949.
Redfern, Nicholas
The FBI files: the FBIs UFO top secrets exposed. London : Simon & Schuster, 1998. ISBN 0684851482. Chapter 3: Project Twinkle; Chapter 4: The Oak Ridge Invasion; Chapter 5: UFOs Target Washington; Chapter 6: Socorro and Beyond. In this chapter Redfern reports that Frank Edward’s Flying saucers – serious business «was the subject of a detailed three page FBI memorandum» which he reproduces at pages 136, 137 and 138. Chapter 7: Cosmic Predators; Chapter 8: Operation Animal Mutilation; Chapter 9: Aliens or Nazis?; Chapter 10: Incident at Aztec; Chapter 11: Majestic; Chapter 12: Contact! Chapter 13: The Adamski Connection; Chapter 14: Beware the Men in Black…
Rimmer, John
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From the dustjacket
«…in 1973, when residents in and around Piedmont, Missouri, began reporting lights in the sky, Dr. Harley Rutledge – head of the Physics Department at a nearby university – decided to subject these reports to scientific scrutiny. He put together a team of observers with «college training or equivalent experience in the physical sciences» and a battery of equipment: Questar telescopes (whose magnifying power could change without replacing the eyepiece), an electromagnetic frequency analyzer, high-frequency, low-intensity cound detector, and high-quality camera equipment.    The resulting Project Indentification has been operating ever since, logging hundreds of hours of observation time. At last, trained experts were able to investigate UFOs while the phenomena were actually in progress and record the data in a scientific, objective manner – enabling Dr. Rutledge to calculate the objects’ actual velocity, distance and size.

But Project Identification’s data raise[d] more questions than they answer. One night, for example, a single light was observed crossing the sky – yet photos of it show a series of trails. Observation of the unclouded sky often revealed «pseudostars» – stationary lights camouflaged by familiar constellations. Some objects appeared to mimic the appearance of known aircraft; others flagrantly violated the laws of physics. But most unsettling of all were the lights that repeatedly seemed to react to the project members observing them…»
(my emphasis)

Sable, Martin Howard
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«Warminister, a small Wiltshire town, was the focus for a remarkable series of UFO sightings in 1965. Hundreds of local people, and UFO investigators who visted the area in the years which followed, have observed and studied these astonishing phenomena.The Warminister Mystery is a dramatic unfolding of these sightings, with eyewitness accounts of strange ‘things’ seen by day and night; of bewildering mushrooms of smoke, cresents of fire, weird and disturbing sounds…

The illustrations in the book include several fully authenticated photographs of UFOs, taken in front of witnesses.»
From the back cover

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Die Hochtechnologie der Götter Bestellnummer 5-9106-8 Preis: Euro 9,90. Mail Order Kaiser «Der Autor will beweisen, dass die Genesis und sumerische sowie ägyptische Schlüsseltexte wissenschaftliche Kenntnisse auf höchstem Niveau wiedergeben und dass die Menschheit heute nicht neues Wissen erlangt, sondern ein altes Wissen wiederentdeckt, dass einer viel früheren Zivilisation bereits bekannt war.»
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Versunkene Reiche gebunden, 288 Seiten. zahlreiche Abbildungen. Best.-Nr. 9880. Preis: 09,90 EUR Zecharia Sitchin weist in Versunkene Reiche nach, dass die präkolumbianischen Kulturen der Maya und Inka nur mit Hilfe der Götter, der Anunnaki, «jene die vom Himmel auf die Erde kamen? entstehen konnten. Im 16. Jahrhundert gelangten spanische Eroberer auf der Suche nach El Dorado, der sagenumwobenen Stadt aus Gold, in die Neue Welt. Anstatt auf El Dorado stiessen sie jedoch auf rätselhafte Phänomene, welche jahrhundertelang Forscher und Historiker verblüfften: riesige Steinbauwerke von gigantischen Ausmassen, die in den unzugänglichsten Regionen errichtet worden waren. Diese beeindruckenden Monumente wurden mit einer unglaublich fortgeschrittenen Technik und gänzlich unbekannten Werkzeugen erbaut. Ihre Inschriften beschreiben Ereignisse und Landschaften weit entfernter Länder. Wer waren ihre Erbauer? Um welche Kultur handelt es sich?
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Earth chronicles series ; 5. or Book five of the Earth chronicles Library of Congress call no. CB156 .S592 1993 Publisher description is at: Library of Congress has a copy as does the National Library of Canada.
Sheffield, Derek
UFO a deadly concealment : the official cover-up? London, UK: Blandford, 1996. ISBN 0713726202. ix, 275 p. Includes plates and index. Blurp from the back cover says:

«On three separate occasions between November 1989 and March 1990 an unidentified object was picked up by radar in the sky over Belgium. The third occurrence was detected by five radar stations and was witnessed by an estimated 13,500 people. Attempts were made by the Belgian air force to intercept the object but is disappeared when it was six minutes from Britain’s south coast and closing on UK air space at high speeds.This fascinating book documents the author’s investigation into these events and the link with the British Ministry of Defence. It details how the statements made by the British Minister of Defence, the Ministry of Defence and the Belgian air force are contradictory and misleading – indicating a possible cover-up…

UK Admiral of the Fleet Lord Hill-Norton states» ‘The facts … have been documented and confirmed by the Belgian authorities. There is no doubt in my mind that the UK air defence organization would automatically know about it.‘»

Smith, Barbara, 1947-
Ghost stories and mysterious creatures of British Columbia Edmonton : Lone Pine Pub., 1999. 239 p. : ill. ; 21 cm. ISBN: 1551051729 $14.95. Library of Congress call no.: GR 580 S64 1999. Subject heading: 1. Legends – British Columbia. 2. Ghosts – British Columbia.
UFO reports are at the back of the book at pages 228 to 239. Includes reports of Victoria’s Daily Colonist of 1897 flap. And mistaken sightings of Dr. Andree’s ballon of the same year; mistaken because his balloon had aready crashed, at pages 229 and 230.
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UFO-Welle über Belgien Germany: Frankfurt am Main, 1993
Society for the Preservation of Alien Contact Evidence and Geographic Exploration
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«Cosmic conspiracy: six decades of government UFO cover-ups. (part two). Omni, May 1994 vol. 16 number 8 at page 54(3). «Shortly before midnight of July 19, 1952, air-traffic controllers at Washington National Airport picked up a group of unidentified flying objects on their radar screens. Over the next three and a half hours, the targets would disappear and reappear on their scopes. They were visually corroborated by incoming flight crews. At 3:00 in the morning, the Air Defense Command dispatched two F-94 jet interceptors, which failed to make contact with the targets…
Stanton, L. Jerome
Flying Saucers: Hoax or Reality? Cover title is: A new solution to the puzzling problem of the UFO : Flying Saucers: Hoax or Reality?New York : Belmont Books, ©1966. 157 p. B50-761. «After 16 years of top priority investigations no tangible solution to the UFO problem has resulted. In fact, the official explanations of reported phenomena have grown so lame that even people within the Government establishment are beginning to complain. This does not mean that critics of the government are right in saying it is all a gigantic conspiracy to lull the country away from the edge of panic. But neither does it mean that bubbles of marsh gas or the planet Venus can explain such incidents as those reported in the past year [1965] in Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire. The fact is none of the theories put forward so far is convincing. Equally disturbing are the following facts:

  • The Government continues to hold most of its UFO reports in secrecy.
  • There has been no official or genuine scientific investigation into a phenomenon which cries for scientific examination.
  • Government and private groups have shown no real initiative or imagination in developing a new approach.

– from the back cover.

Star Phoenix
Also known as the Saskatoon Star Phoenix. See:
Steiger, Brad (Editor)
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«On 24 April 1964 a UFO landing was reported at Socorro, New Mexico, witnessed by policeman Lonnie Zamora and an unidentified tourist. That much has long been known, for the Socorro landing is one of the most famous in UFO history.What this book reveals for the first time is that the intelligence community censored the information that at least three items of physical UFO evidence of the Socorro landing were obtained; that Zamora was ordered not to divulge the red ‘insignia’ he saw on the UFO; that an FBI agent told him to deny having seen two humanoids beside the UFO; that the soil at the site was highly radioactive after the UFO’s take-off but the U.S. Airforce tried to hide the fact…»
From the backcover

Startup, Bill
The Kaikoura UFOs by Bill Startup with Neil Illingworth. Auckland: Hodder and Stoughton, 1980. 209 pages with 6 pages of plates : illustrated ; 22 cm. ISBN 0340256893. UFO in Kaikoura County, New Zealand. Library of Congress call no. TL 789 .S755 1980. Dewey decimal call no. 001.942099315219

  When a television crew was doing background filming about the sightings in New Zealand, while on flight from Wellington to Christchurch, they started to be followed by an unidentified «gigantic lighted orb». What made this sighting different is that the TV crew was able to film the encounter for almost a quarter of an hour. These orbs were tracked by radar, and also seen by people on the ground.

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Strieber, Whitley and Anne Strieber Editors
The Communion Letters New York: HarperPrism, 1997. 288 p. ; 24 cm. ISBN 0061053686. «These letters, often awkward, sometimes incredulous, and always searingly honest, document the fact that hundreds of thousands have experienced the Communion phenomena: childhood visitations, the «nine knocks,» mysterious scars and implants, abductions, sexual encounters, and «black sedans.»…»
Stringfield, Leonard H.
Situation red: the UFO siege! Fawcett Crest Books: New York, 1977. ISBN 04492365544.

«In 1973 there was a virtual epidemic of flying saucer sightings. What was most disturbing was that they seemed to be different. For instance, there was an increasing incidence of physical injury, dangerous interference, and outright abduction of observers by these mysterious beings.

This carefully documented book presents dozens of incredible yet unimpeachable cases of ordinary men and women who have been suddenly caught up in events stranger than the wildest science fiction. Who are these visitors to our planet? What do they want? And why does the Air Force fear disclosure of the truth? These are the questions that have created SITUATION RED, a state of emergency for man and his entire world.»

Sturrock, Peter A.
The UFO enigma : a new report on the physical evidence. New York: Warner Books, 1999. xii, 404 p. : ill., maps ; 24 cm. ISBN 0446677094. Includes bbibliographical references at pages 373 to 386 and is indexed. $12.95 USD $18.95 CAD. «Paris, 1984: Military radar confirms reports of a gigantic disc, more than half a mile in diameter»
– from the back cover.  ISBN 0446525650 Hardcover edition. This edition has a photograph of a UFO over Vancouver Island, 1981, on the back cover. «Peter A. Sturrock is emeritus professor of applied physics and emeritus director of the Centre for Space Science and Atrophysics at Stanford University.»
– from the dust jacket. This report was commissioned by Laurance S. Rockefeller.

Contents: Foreword / Laurance S. Rockefeller — Pt. 1. History. Ch. 1. Introduction. Ch. 2. UFO History: 1947 to 1967. Ch. 3. The Colorado Project and the Condon Report. Ch. 4. Aftermath of the Colorado Project — Pt. 2. Presentations at Pocantico. Ch. 5. Introduction to Pocantico. Ch. 6. Photographic Evidence. Ch. 7. Luminosity Estimates. Ch. 8. Radar Evidence. Ch. 9. The Hessdalen Project. Ch. 10. Vehicle Interference. Ch. 11. Aircraft Equipment Malfunction. Ch. 12. Apparent Gravitational and/or Inertial Effects. Ch. 13. Ground Traces. Ch. 14. Injuries to Vegetation. Ch. 15. Physiological Effects on Witnesses. Ch. 16. Analysis of Debris — Pt. 3. Panel’s Response. Ch. 17. The Review Panel Process. Ch. 18. Panel’s Conclusions and Recommendations. Ch. 19. Panel Recommendations Concerning Implementation — Pt. 4. Post-Pocantico Reflections. Ch. 20. The GEPAN/SEPRA Project / F. Louange and J.-J. Velasco. Ch. 21. Procedures for Analysis of Photographic Evidence / F. Louange. Ch. 22. Atmospheric Phenomena. Electromagnetic Wave Ducting / V. R. Eshleman. Sprites / V. R. Eshleman. Ch. 23. SETI and UFO Investigations. SETI and UFO Investigations Compared / V. R. Eshleman. Further Thoughts on SETI and UFO Investigations / F. Louange. Ch. 24.

SUFOI [Scandinavian UFO Information Newletter No. 12. (Zipped – PDF)
1998. Includes Danish sighting from 1988.
SUFOI [Scandinavian UFO Information] Newletter No. 15 [Zipped]
Excerpts from the Danish Magazine «UFO-Nyt» ISSN 0904-2598. In .doc format. Includes «Danish Sightings 1991 and 1992»
SUFOI [Scandinavian UFO Information] Newletter No. 16 [PDF Zipped]
Excerpts from the Danish Magazine «UFO-Nyt» ISSN 0904-2598. Includes «Two suns over the Faeroe Islands in 1667» and «Sightings June 1995 – May 1996»
SUFOI [Scandinavian UFO Information] Newletter No. 17 [PDF Zipped]
Excerpts from the Danish Magazine «UFO-Nyt» ISSN 0904-2598.
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Incident near Tacoma, Washington in June 1947 and the raining of debris down on a harbour boat. Fallout from MIBS and US Air Force. Telephones being bugged.
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UFO*BC quarterly : a study of UFOs and related phenomena in British Columbia and the Yukon
«UFO*BC is a non-profit society registered with the province of British Columbia. The function of this group is to gather local (B.C.) sightings, investigate them as fully as possible and to make the public aware of the phenomena»
The UFO phenomenon
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UFO’s, a scientific debate
edited by Carl Sagan and Thornton Page. New York : Norton, [1974, c1972] xxxi, 310 p. : ill. ; 20 cm Series The Norton library ; N739 Norton library ; N739. Reprint of the ed. published by Cornell University Press, Ithaca, N.Y Papers presented at a symposium sponsored by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, held in Boston on Dec. 26-27, 1969. Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN 0393007391 Library of Congress call no. TL789 .A1U23 1974. The University of Saskatchewan Library has a copy.
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Vallée, Jacques Francis, 1939-
Vallée’s books are of central importance to this subject. According to the book, Encyclopedia of strange and unexplained physical phenomena while Vallée was working at the Paris Observatory in 1961 «a UFO was picked up on a satellite-tracking tape, the project director ordered the tape erased» (p. 341)
Vallée, Jacques in collaboration with Martine Castello
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Vallée, Jacques
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Vallée, Jacques.
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Vesco, Renato
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Vesco, Renato and David Hatcher Childress
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Vilchez Navamuel, Carlos.
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Volke, Igor
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von Ludwiger, IllobrandBest UFO cases – Europe Los Vegas, USA, NIDA, 1998.
von Ludwiger, IllobrandUnidentifizierte Flugobjekte ?uropa. Wissenschftliche Bewise durch Radargeräte, optische Sensoren und militärische Luftraum?chung. 1999. 319 S. 17 Farb- u 57 SW-Abb. im Text, 280 Farbabb. auf Taf. 22 cm. Gebunden. 564 gr. ISBN 3776621109.
von Ludwiger, IllobrandUFOs Zeugen und Zeichen : Wissenschaftler untersuchen aussergewöhnliche Himmelsercheinungen Illobrand von Ludwiger (Hrsg.) – Berlin : Ed. q. (Collection BuchPlus in der Edition q) Medienkombination ISBN 3861241730 NE: Ludwiger, Illobrand von [Hrsg.] Buch – 1995 ISBN 3861243008 VHS (European Format). This book and video can be ordered from: (4-3277-6)
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«On November 11, 1987, Ed Walters, a prosperous builder-contractor in the exclusive community of Gulf Breeze, Florida, saw a peculiar light shining through a tall pine in his front yard. He could see that the glow was unusual – quite different from any of the commonplace planes and helicopters from the nearby naval air station that frequently populated the skies of Gulf Breeze. He stepped outside and saw a bluish gray craft like none he had ever seen before. It was intensely quiet, and Ed was intensely frightened. He rushed back into the house and grabbed the old Polaroid camera that was a part of his work gear as a builder. And to took photos…»
– from the dustjacket.
The German edition is UFOs : Es gibt Sie. Die Dokumentation der Begegnungen in Gulf Breeze, Florida. Aus dem Amerikanischen von Mara Huber. M? : Droemer Knaur, 1990. ISBN 3426264633.
Walters, Ed and Frances WaltersUFO abductions in Gulf Breeze New York: Avon Books, 1994. ISBN 0380773333. «UFO ABDUCTIONS IN GULF BREEZE is an orginal publication of Avon Books. This work has never before appeared in book form».
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Webb, David (David F.)1973, year of the humanoids : an analysis of the fall 1973 UFO/humanoid wave [s.l.] : Webb, 1974. iii, 62 p. : ill. ; 28 cm. Includes bibliographical references. Library of Congress call no. TL789 .W38
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Wheeler, David R.The Lubbock Lights New York: Award Books, 1977. There is no ISBN.

From the back cover. «DEATH IN THE SUN  Cattlemen in the Southwest [United States] are being plagued by a new kind of problem: the ruthless mutilation of their animals. Carcasses are being found with the sex organs and various other parts skillfully removed and almost every drop of blood drained.

Almost as puzzling as the motive for these crimes is the method. There are no footprints, tire tracks, spilled blood or signs of struggle – no indication of how the mutilators came and went or how they did their work.

Thousands of people have reported seeing strange lights in the sky, saucer- and cigar shaped flying objects, a green glow on the horizon at night. Lately, though, there are other reports – of car batteries suddenly stopping dead, mysterious fires, mind control…»

Wegner, Wily
Dansk ufo-literatur 1946-1970 : En bibliografi. Kobenhavn : Thisted :Kobenhavns Universitet, Institut for Folkemindevi denskab, Eksp ; Dansk UFO-Center, Rofsvej 62/2,1972. 253 l. ; 30 cm.
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Wilkins, Harold T.
Flying Saucers Uncensored. New York : Pyramid Books, 1967. First published by Citadel Press in 1955. Library of Congress catalog card number 55-11618. Harold T. Wilkins also wrote a book entitled, Flying Saucers on the attack (I have never seen the actual book) and Strange mysteries of time and space New York : Ace Books, c1958. The latter has material on missing persons, vanishing airplanes and some really strange stuff.
Wilson, Jim
Popular Mechanics, «When UFOs land. [research conference sponsored by Laurence S. Rockefeller]» May 2001 volume 178, issue 5 page 64.
Wilson, Terry
The secret history of crop circles : [the true, untold story of the world’s greatest mystery!] Devon, England : The Centre for Crop Circle Studies, 1998. 160 p. : ill., maps ; 21 cm. Includes bibliographical references (p. 152-154) and index. ISBN: 0906290710 (pbk.)
Wright, Susan
UFO headquarters : investigations on current extraterrestrial activity. New York : St. Martin’s Press, 1998. ISBN 0312971818. Cover has the pretitle, «Investigations on current extraterrestrial activity in Area 51».
Young, Mort (Morton)
UFO: top secret New York : An Essandes Special Edition, 1967. Essandes Special Edition is a division of Simon & Schuster, Inc. Cover title is: UFO top secret. An objective fully documented report on unidentified flying objects… revealing the U.S. Air Force’s attempt to debunk eyewitness testimony 156 p.
Zimdars-Swartz, Sandra, 1949-
Encountering Mary : from La Salette to Medjugorje Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, c1991. xv, 342 p. : ill. ; 25 cm. Includes bibliographical references (p. [319]-332) and index. ISBN 0691073716 (acid-free paper) BT650 .Z56 1991
Note the high frequency angry buzzing bee sound being reported just before some of these visions. This is the same as in UFO reports.
Zinsstag, Lou
UFO-Sichtungen über der Schweiz 1949-1958 Basel, 1958.
Zückmantel, Frank
Geheimakte UFO «Wie Regierungen und Geheimdienste der Welt dieses Phänomen verschleiern. 1997. 225 S. 20 cm Gewicht: 310,00 gr.» Ewert ISBN: 389478184X (Kartoniert).

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